4K Camera Trap Systems

Bespoke and expertly-crafted

Capture Unique Images

We are proud that our clients range from high-end broadcasters to small scale conservation projects and wildlife research departments. The remote camera systems work with the latest cameras, including Sony A7SII, Panasonic GH5 cameratrap as well as Canon 5D Mrk III and smaller scale DSLR’s.

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Any Environment

Filming Tigers in sub zero Siberia to Photographing Leopards in Oman Arabina desert.

The systems are rated from +50 degrees down to – 20 degrees Celsius.

Allowing them to be used in almost any condition or environment.

Day or Night

We offer a wide range of remote camera options for a large variety of projects. Utilising the latest technology, we create an easy to use camera trap that allows you to capture remote footage and stills of some of the world’s most endangered wildlife.

As used on BBC’s BAFTA winning series Planet Earth II

The Sony A7SII Camera Trap uses both Android and IOS App to wirelessly control settings and change clip duration times to allow easy operation in the field.

These systems can be configured to work during day and night and are designed to last up to 3 months in the field on one battery charge.

Long Range Triggering

Remote trigger with the push of a button up to 8km in line of sight

3G Notifications

If your location is in range of GSM or 3G signal, we offer the ability for event, triggering and battery level notifications to any mobile number worldwide.

Time-lapse Scheduling

Use the remote camera system to capture, long duration time-lapses or scheduled time studies that can span several months or even years.

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